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cosmetic solutions

3 gradi – cosmetic solutions grew out from its founders’ passion and experience in the beauty industry.
We provide bespoke cosmetics, offering comprehensive service that goes from product concept to market positioning. We do this by putting our know-how to work for you, drawing from our significant experience in the cosmetics industry and well-established synergies with specialised suppliers.
Individualized customer attention, exclusivity, professionalism and customisation are the key concepts of our business strategy.



The excellence of Made in Italy°
We believe in the value of Italian entrepreneurship and this is the reason why we have created a network of select suppliers, chosen from the best in the country.


Brand development°
We are always excited about taking part in a new project! We have what it takes to follow you throughout every step of the production process, from start to finish – from the creation of the product, to graphic customization, packaging and promotion, from communication to marketing.


We are convinced that the union of different realities creates added value.


We firmly believe in the added value of experience deriving from synergy between different entities. Over time, we have established stimulating and valuable collaborations in order to support your choices throughout the entire productive process.


We know that being competitive on the market means keeping up with the times. At 3 gradi – cosmetic solutions we’re always coming up with new ideas to effectively respond to the ever changing needs of the market.


Certified Products
Certification = Quality . Finding your way through the “maze” of your market’s regulations is no easy task but we’ve got you covered! We will put our experience to good use, helping you to create a product that meets the highest quality standards and to obtain all the necessary certifications.


We are your perfect partner to start or expand your business. Whether you are planning to undertake a new path on the cosmetics market, or simply intend to expand or renew a line of products already on the market, we can provide you with expert advice, at each stage of the production chain, offering you full-service support.


A correct analysis of the market that takes into account competitors and best practices is the first necessary phase, which is followed by the search for the best chemical formulation and in the development of the finished product.


Brand Identity

Identity and recognisability are the fundamental values ​​for any type of product. Our consultancy aims to enhance, consolidate, expand or create from scratch the perception linked to your products.


Strategic marketing

A delicate and important phase for marketing is represented by the development of an integrated marketing strategy. Communicating correctly, with the most suitable tools, becomes essential for the success of your product.

We create full service products.

We give life to your customized product in full-service. We take care of the selection and production of a wide range of products, from cosmetics to make-up, from perfumes to beauty accessories.



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